Youth Ministry

Our overall Youth Ministry’s desire is focused on John 13:35, “By this all will know that you are my Disciples, if you have love for one another.”

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The High School Ministry is the place where we really seek to apply all that the youth have studied and shown. We then seek to have them Share the Love of God. With all that God has done for us, it is normal to want to let others know. That is why we have called the High School Ministry “Spotlight”. They are now in the spotlight, and the world is watching them, whether they know it or not. We have created avenues for the youth to shine in the spotlight with studies, outings, special events, beach and park days, weekend trips to Mexico, two week mission trips and much more.


We feel that the youth is our next generation of Christians to this world, and we desire that they shine as light in the dark world.


Sunday Morning Bible Study:

Time: 10:00am

Where: High School Room



In our Middle School Ministry we focus on Showing the Love of God. This again takes the concept of studying and now putting what we have learned into practice in day to day life (James 1:22) – through short mission projects and outings. The name of our group is “On Track” because so many Junior High students start to stray, looking to other ideas and attitudes. We know that God’s Word applied will keep them on the right track for life.


Youth Leaders


Todd & Wendy Chapman

George & Stephanie Birrer

Rink & Linda Nemnich